Building Ventures.

More than just capital to grow
G-Ventures provides the capital and support to help our portfolio companies drive growth and create value.
G-Labs provides knowledge, experience, ideas and infrastructure to help businesses launch and scale fast.

A different approach.

By combining capital and intensive support to grow, we aim to build better, more sustainable businesses.
Creating enhanced value for investors and co-founders.

Investment network and online investment platform for High Net Worth Individuals and experienced investors.

Providing access to compelling tax efficient investment opportunities and property transactions.

Working with entrepreneurs and innovators to build and launch businesses that transform industries.

Investing capital, knowledge, experience, ideas and infrastructure to help businesses scale fast.

“Our mission is to back businesses and projects that transform industries and enhance communities. Whether that’s a technology startup aiming to revolutionise business banking or a property development project that transforms the way new homes are delivered…the ethos remains the same…combine capital and intensive support to create value and make a positive difference together.”

Norman Peterson Chief Executive Officer

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