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5 blogs you should be reading if you're heading a start up

The start up sector can be a scary place if you're new to it

Where do you start, what do you need to know, and where can you learn it from?

As an entrepreneur leading a high growth start up, you'll most likely be looking to raise venture capital. First though, you need to make sure that both you and your business are investor-ready. How? Learn lean; it's time to research and apply Lean Startup Methdology to your start up, if  you're not already.

If you think that focused mentoring, training, and strategic networking would help get your start up started, then maybe you should be considering an accelerator programme. They usually last for around 3 months. Sound interesting?

Maybe you want to raise seed capital via a crowdfunding or angel investors, or growth capital from Venture Capitalists (VCs). What are potential investors looking for when they look at your business? What's likely to make them choose to invest...or choose not to?

So if Lean Startup, accelerators, and investors are what you're interested in (which you should be!) here are 5 blogs you really should be following:


#1 Simon Devonshire (@simondevonshire)

Tall Man Business

Being the Director of Wayra, an international start up accelerator course, Simon Devonshire knows a thing or two entrepreneurs and investors. In fact, he even states that the aim of his blog is to “inspire people to be entrepreneurial” and “provide entrepreneurs with constructive help, tips and practical advice”.


#2 Eric Ries (@ericries)

Startup Lessons Learned 

If you’re heading a start up, chances are, you’ll be using Lean Startup Methodology. Ringing a bell yet? Eric Ries created the method, advocating the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), constant market research, and looping.

If you’re heading a start up and you haven’t heard of Eric Ries, you should change that. Right now. Click the link above and learn lean.


#3 Jason Ball (@jasonball)

Jason Ball’s Techbytes

Jason is a VC and operates as a part of Qualcomm. His blog is sometimes tech, sometimes Venture Capital, and sometimes a hybrid so there’s lots to learn if you’re a tech start up business owner or interested in investing in the sector.


#4 Fred Destin (@fdestin)

Fred Destin

As well as being a VC, Fred Destin works closely with entrepreneurs, guiding and advising them. In his blog he uses his personal experiences and anecdotes to pass on information and awareness on topics like investment stages and things entrepreneurs should consider before going to raise capital.

If, after reading these blogs you think investing is for you, why not become a member and get started straight away?

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