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A day in the life: Anthony Dargue, Group Finance Director


Joining the team in the summer, Anthony gives an insight into his time so far at GCV and the wider group of companies.

Describe your role as Group Finance Director?

The short answer to this is ultimately to take overall control of the company’s finance function, establishing robust procedures which can be introduced across the group of companies. Where needed, I'll be aiming to streamline the whole function and look for - and achieve - synergies where possible.

In the long term, this will take some of the strain - off Norm in particular - and alongside Craig, Norm can concentrate on growing the company and achieve its full potential without the worry or burden of that side of the business.

What are you currently working on?

So far, I’ve been more involved in companies away from GCV specifically; companies where the need is greater, mainly due to them being more mature.

Therefore, I’ve been getting to grips with the companies – from both the viewpoints of the mechanics and the variety of systems used, as well as the industry itself, which has been a good learning curve.

In the near future, the same will apply to both GCV and Carlton & Co Consultancy, whilst also looking towards involvement in Homes By Carlton once finalised.

Does working for the GCV group of companies differ from other companies you’ve worked for?

It does – both in terms of the industries within which we operate and the size of the company.

Previously I’ve worked for companies who were amongst the largest - if not the largest - in the country for their industry.

Therefore, to work for a company (or companies) who are in their infancy and in the startup process is great. It really is fascinating to see the other side of the coin.

The variety of the different companies within the group is something very different, too - my role at the moment cuts across numerous industries, ranging from tax efficient investing right through to residential property development.

From a personal point of view, it's great experience and a big draw in coming to work for Norm and Craig.


What does a typical day in your diary look like?

Currently, no two days are the same at the moment, so it’s been about understanding the different companies and their needs from a finance point of view, and how we can build them out and tighten them up where necessary.

Spending time with Norm and Craig where possible to gauge their thoughts and the direction of travel they see for the finance function is key at the moment.

I'm essentially piecing all that together so that soon we can start to build an in-house finance function to sit alongside the other departments within the company.

Is there a specific part of your role you particularly enjoy?

What I enjoy the most, or will enjoy, is the variety the role will offer with the different industries, which hopefully will expand even further in the future.

Working close with both Norm and Craig and tapping into their knowledge is also a great opportunity to learn and lean on their experience.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

At the moment, I don’t believe I’ve experienced any major challenges as such – however, I’m sure this will change!

It’s been a good time to come into the company, which has allowed me to spend time understanding the different brands before we see real significant growth across all the GCV group of companies.

This will no doubt present some challenges - good challenges, however, that we should all look forward to as a team.

If you were pressing me for a challenging moment since joining GCV, I have experienced that to some extent on a daily basis – trying to keep up with Luca in the gym each day!

Outside of work, how do you relax?

The short answer is I don’t! I’m married, have a 4 year old Power Ranger-mad little boy, and three dogs – and all are a very demanding bunch – in the order as detailed above being the most demanding!

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