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A Q&A with Daniel Rodgers, CEO of QikServe

Currently raising investment on the GrowthFunders platform via their EIS-eligible opportunity, I recently had the pleasure of speaking with QikServe's CEO Daniel Rodgers and asked him a variety of questions about who exactly QikServe are, what they've achieved and what their plans are further to their investment round closing on Friday 27th April 2018.

What does QikServe do?

Who are QikServe’s founders and what are their backgrounds?

What does the QikServe product do?

Why is QikServe a good solution and how is it to develop going forwards?

What has previous investment been used for and what are the plans for this round?

What is QikServe’s biggest achievement to date?

What are the company’s key objectives going forward?

Spotlight on QikServe Chairman Martin Mutch

How have QikServe’s institutional investors enhanced the business to date?

QikServe are live on the GrowthFunders platform raising £2.5 million in exchange for 20% equity. Currently in a period of overfunding to a maximum total of £3 million in investment, you can view the full investment opportunity here or access the Investment Memorandum document here.

QikServe - new investment opportunity

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