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How To Create A Killer Equity Crowdfunding Pitch - Step 9: Making A Video

“Video kickstarted the business star”

The ninth in a ten-part series which addresses the steps you need to take in order to create an eye-catching equity crowdfunding campaign on GrowthFunders. You can find out more about the coming posts at the end of this one.

In putting your pitch (and ultimately your business) together, you’ll have had to work through a lot of serious information, producing financial forecasts and thinking about revenue streams. Now for the fun bit…

Make a video to put on your campaign page. Grab the collective eye of potential investors. Stand out from the crowd with a creative and informative video pitch between two and four minutes in length. Be professional and engaging.

Do I have to submit a video pitch?

We really recommend it. It’s all part of building a great, and hopefully successful, fundraising campaign. A video is a powerful marketing tool when executed correctly and could change the minds of investors, perhaps even convincing them to invest.

What to include:

  • Introduce your business - who you are and what you do.
  • Outline the problem in the market
  • and how your business solves/will solve it.
  • What makes you different? Your unique selling point (USP).
  • The size of the market you are targeting.
  • How you’re going to monetise your business. Revenue streams.
  • Scope for future scaling.

Write an engaging script. Employ devices that involve the audience: rhetorical questions, power of three, hyperbole. Don’t go over-the-top, but do pull out all the stops.

But hold on a second

Wait for us to give you the green light before you produce your video pitch. First, GrowthFunders needs to review your initial pitch submission and check that the information it contains is clear and factually correct.

Need inspiration?

Check out our current campaigns. See how other entrepreneurs have used this invaluable tool to help them raise the capital they need to take their business to the next stage. They’ve all included the same key information points (as shown above), but done so using their individual brand identities. There are some really great video pitches up on the GrowthFunders platform. Don’t copy, but do be inspired.

GrowthFunders: getting you started

If you’re looking to raise growth capital for your business, you’ll no doubt already know how difficult it can be. Spending time away from your business, travelling up and down the country to meet face-to-face with potential investors, can often be time-consuming and ultimately fruitless. Finding the right platform from which to pitch to many investors, all at once, is a great solution. GrowthFunders, the online equity-crowdfunding and co-investment platform, is the right one. Now, what do you need in order to make your pitch the best it can be?

  1. Idea

  2. Using Social Media

  3. Your Team

  4. The Lean Start-up Method

  5. Your Revenue Plan

  6. Your Financials

  7. Your Investor Presentation

  8. Your Business Plan

  9. Making A Video

  10. Setting A Valuation


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