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How beneficial can a true co-investment approach be for startups?

As we discussed in October, we've been delighted to collaborate with one of the UK's leading equity crowdfunding platforms, Crowdcube.

A brilliant approach for both companies, our Head of Operations and Investor Relations, Jordan Dargue, recently talked about the collaboration and how much of an impact it can have on startups.

Explaining that the reason behind the partnership is "to collaborate; bring our skills together for the greater good of those businesses requiring investment to develop and implement their growth strategy" this provides a perfect summary.

"Separately we both offer immense benefits to those looking for investment. Together, however, we’re able to provide a solution that in many ways is unrivalled."

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Talking on the first project to benefit from the co-investment approach, Jordan explained "Our first co-investment opportunity in Intelligence Fusion has recently closed out on Crowdcube. Raising £400,000, the pitch entered overfunding in the final days and finished with over a fifth more at £487,800."

"Intelligence Fusion is a detailed product, and one that can take a little time to understand fully (on the highest of levels they gather and distribute security intelligence from around the world to help businesses protect their people and assets, with the intelligence regularly delivered quicker than many other sources can do) - but both GCV’s and Crowdcube’s investor bases got it from the off."

Offering a true co-investment model, Jordan wrote "Co-investment in many ways is an emerging term. On the most basic of levels, it can mean two different parties - such as a retail investor and a professional investor - investing into one opportunity. On a more in-depth level, it can be just like it was here - investments made by many individuals and companies to drive forward the success of a company forming part of the next generation of British businesses."

"It’s how co-investment, on paper, should work. It’s how we know it can work. And it’s been fantastic to prove it."

You can read Jordan's piece in full on the Crowdcube blog. 

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