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An Introduction to our ten-part blog series - How To Create A Killer Equity Crowdfunding Pitch

Top 10 tips to create a killer equity crowdfunding pitch

If you are an entrepreneur with a great idea for a business and want to learn more about how to turn it from concept into reality, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our ten-part blog series touches on all the elements you need in order to create and upload a killer equity crowdfunding pitch.

Click on the links below to learn more:

  1. Your Idea
    A great first step, but now you need to do something with it…

  1. Using Social Media
    It’s not just about this morning’s bagel and cats in boxes. It can also be an invaluable (and free) marketing tool.

  1. Your Team
    Make sure you have the best people around you.

  1. The Lean Start-up Method
    Get the most out of your research and mobilise quickly.

  1. Your Revenue Plan
    Monetising your business.

  1. Your Financials
    Predictions, forecasts, and the future.

  1. Your Investor Presentation
    Everything potential investors need to know about your business.

  1. Your Business Plan
    What are your goals and how do you intend to reach them?

  1. Making A Video
    Get creative and make your idea visual.

  1. Setting A Valuation
    What is your company worth now and what could it be worth in the future?

Make sure to work your way through these blogs for more great tips on creating a show-stopping equity crowdfunding pitch. Then, when you've taken your idea from a concept to a fantastic pitch, upload it to the platform and let's get started on funding your business' growth!

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