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Investment Opportunity: showmeCats

All’s Fur in Love and War

showmeCats is the new social networking site for cats.


Yep, you read that right; even without opposable thumbs, cats are poised to take over the world.

Just think about your own online social interactions. Chances are that you’ll have accounts on at least one of the following: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest. Well, some cat owners create profiles for their pets. These accounts aren’t used to just talk about their cats, rather they’re written as if from Fluffy’s very own perspective.

The Problem

At first, that was alright. Everyone was feline fine, until Facebook announced that they would be closing all of the non-human profiles on their site. There are an estimated 93 million cats in the UK and US alone, 10% of which have a social media presence. Facebook’s decision would leave this virtual community homeless.

The Solution

Cat owners needed somewhere new to go. Somewhere where they could put together a collection of everything they loved and enjoyed about their cats. It needed to be a place where they could post photographs, stories, and interact with other cat owners.

Enter showmeCats - exactly what they’d been hoping for.

The Faces Behind the Felines.

showmeCats claims to be run by Top-Hat Cat, Catleesi, The Artist Cat, and Tom-Tom. Their human counterparts, respectively, are:

Ciprian Timofte - CEO and Marketing Manager
Dana Apatachioae - COO and Community Manager
Virgil Horghidan - Creative Director and Web Designer
Marius Rata - CTO and Web Developer

The team attended an intensive, 12-week Searchcamp accelerator programme at Teesside University in Middlesbrough, where they worked around-the-clock to create showmeCats. During this time, they managed to turn the business from concept to actual and build what the world of cat owners so desperately wanted.

The Website

The website the team has built is easy to navigate and exceptionally well-styled. On your initial visit to showmeCats, you can either register as a new user or log in using your Facebook details. From then on in, all interactions are carried out as if to and by the cat. For example, upon registration it is the cats information you are asked to enter - their name, breed, and country of residence.

The main structure allows photographs, thoughts, and memorable events to be collected and organised in a uniquely-designed timeline feature, which can be shared on other social networking sites, as well as amongst friends. Or “furriends”, as they’re referred to on showmeCats. That’s another thing, you may have to ask your cat to translate a couple of things for you the first time you use the site. Just to help you out, here’s a quick Cat-to-English dictionary:

everypawdy - everybody
brofurs - brothers
sisfurs - sisters
meowmy - mummy

Did you understand all of that? Any of it? Great! Now you’re speaking Cat, you’re ready to become a member and start logging your cat’s life.


Since showmeCats launched in July 2013, they have gained over 5200 registered users from all around the world. Where else can an Australian Mist become “furriends” with a Brazilian Shorthair?

What Does the Future Hold?

The focus now, is on building a large customer base in this thriving cat-centric community. showmeCats’ user base is growing at an extremely rapid rate. 10, 000, 000 users may sound like a lot, but with some five thousand cats already spending up to two and a half hours-a-day on the site, swapping stories and hairballs with each other, the evidence indicates that showmeCats really has legs (and a tail!).

A social network for cats, at even a fraction of the scale of Facebook, is an exciting and achievable target. Well, just imagine...

To find out more about showmeCats, head over to their investment page on our main site by clicking the image below:

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