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As business funding evolves, so does marketing

Once upon a time, a businessman/woman went to the bank and told them who they were, how much money they wanted, what they wanted to do with said money and showed them some figures that “proved” they’d be good with that money.

Not anymore.

As a business in 2014 it’s hard to get the finance you need to start or grow a business – which is why our friends at @GrowthFunders have come up with their excellent equity crowdfunding platform.

In a similar way to the business financial landscape, the field of marketing has adapted to suit the requirements and requests of 21st century life, largely driven by advancements in technology and the wondrous ‘tinterweb’.

Previously, we supported more traditional methods in marketing, such as PR and copywriting. Yes, we had started to incorporate blogging and social media, but it was not on the level it needed to be. The level it now has to be.

So, what is inbound marketing?

This is the method of marketing for virtually any business. It is a method which incorporates all of the effective, traditional marketing methods – PR, copywriting etc – with the ‘fancy pants’ methods that really get you ROI, as well as generating and converting more leads more than you’ve ever done before.

Inbound marketing focuses on giving the potential customer what they want, when they want, in a format they prefer and at a time of their choosing. It isn’t about distracting and interrupting them like outbound – traditional – marketing used to, with tactics including cold calls, junk mail, billboard advertisements.

Now we have call screening, Sky+ and digital news – we don’t need outbound, it doesn’t help, it irritates and interrupts.

Inbound marketing is the methodology for the digital age, creating quality content which naturally pulls people towards your company and/or product, out of their own free will. Such inbound activities include CMS websites, blogging, social media marketing, keyword marketing (which is the post-Google algorithm term for SEO), content creation, webinars, email marketing, vlogs/podcasts et al.

This is our offer of “thriveability” - an inbound marketing campaign or individual inbound activities that don’t just make your business grow, but thrive.

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