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Our Christmas countdown is here!

It's been a fantastic year here at GrowthFunders and within the wider Growth Capital Ventures company.

Having shared more news, insights and information on our blog than we ever have done, it's been brilliant to talk about everything from impact investing through to the specifics of joint venture property investments and everything in between.

Collating some of our favourite facts, stats and quotes from the past few months, we're sharing one a day on social as the #GCVChristmasCountdown!

You can find them on Twitter and Facebook daily, but we'll be updating this blog post with links to the animations each day. Enjoy!

Day 1

Impact investing is no longer about making a difference OR seeing a financial return - a survey by the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) and JPMorgan found that 55% of impact investment opportunities result in competitive, market rate returns. (Twitter, Facebook)

Day 2

"Startups are the backbone of the UK economy. We need to support them; to give them not just the financial resources they need to grow, but the support and experience to ensure they truly thrive." - Norm Peterson, CEO, GCV (Twitter, Facebook)

Day 3

Co-investment is at the heart of everything we do at Growth Capital Ventures. By bringing together retail, sophisticated and institutional investors, we drive investment into property, clean energy and tech-focussed, high growth SME opportunities. (Twitter, Facebook)

Day 4

The UK government offers some of the most generous tax reliefs available to startup investors through a range of schemes. Together, they can help to mitigate risk whilst maximising returns. (Twitter, Facebook)

Day 5

Although women are responsible for 45% of the UK's wealth, only 14% of angel investors are female. (Twitter, Facebook)

Day 6

Research by CB Insights, which analysed the post-mortems of failed tech startups in 2018, cited ‘not the right team’ as the third most common reason for failure. (Twitter, Facebook)

Day 7

"Being strong advocates of joint venture property investing, investors have the ability to co-invest in property opportunities alongside knowledgeable and experienced housebuilders - and importantly, share in the profit, with many base case target returns of 1.5x money-on-money." - Craig Peterson, COO, Growth Capital Ventures (Twitter, Facebook)

Day 8

Whilst a higher risk / higher return investment strategy, the appeal of high growth SMEs - particularly in tech transformational industries - is huge for many investors. With tax reliefs often available to help mitigate risk, the targeted returns can be in excess of 20x money-on-money. (Twitter, Facebook)

Day 9

"Diversify. In stocks and bonds, as in much else, there is safety in numbers" - Sir John Templeton (Twitter, Facebook)

Day 10

As an angel investor, understanding a startup's market is key - and your aim has to be to build up the most accurate picture of the market opportunity you can, by harnessing every piece of evidence available to you. (Twitter, Facebook).

Day 11

Research by ethical bank Triodos shows that the UK's socially responsible investing (SRI) market now accounts for £16bn in assets under management. (Twitter, Facebook).

Day 12

When a female VC backs a female-led startup, it's 21% more likely to succeed. (Twitter, Facebook).

Day 13

In the 2016-17 financial year, over £175 million in private investment was provided to 2,260 companies via the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme. (Twitter, Facebook)

Day 14

“For me, diversifying my investments is almost as important as growing them and I found the GrowthFunders approach - giving me the opportunity to target varying opportunities with better risk adjusted returns - second to none." - Karl Ridley, investor (Twitter, Facebook)

Day 15

A company’s business model is their roadmap to success. As an investor, it gives you the opportunity to examine the viability of the business - and provides an insight into just how tangible of an investable company they may be. (Twitter, Facebook)

Day 16

With secured property bonds offering a comparatively low risk way of investing into property, investors can often target upwards of 8% over the medium term, providing an attractive alternative to more traditional savings. (Twitter, Facebook)

Day 17

The largest angel investment study ever undertaken put the average return rate of startup investments at 2.6 times the initial investment (or a 27% annual rate of return) with a 3.5-year path to exit. (Twitter, Facebook)

Day 18

By 2025, it's expected here in Britain we'll have 40% of our energy produced from renewable sources - and supporting the industry through investment is key to not just meeting this figure, but going above and beyond it. (Twitter, Facebook)

Day 19

Between 2007 and 2017, investment in UK green and ethical retail funds doubled to £16bn. (Twitter, Facebook)

Day 20

Encouraging investment into early-stage companies, the EIS provides investors with a range of tax reliefs and incentives, including:

- 30% income tax relief

- No capital gains tax due on returns

- Inheritance Tax exemption (Twitter, Facebook)

Day 21

Momentum is the intangible force that propels startups beyond their growth targets. As an angel investor, the success of your investment depends on the startup's ability to continually move forward. (Twitter, Facebook)

Day 22

The growing popularity of property crowdfunding is being driven clearly by younger investors, with 54% of money invested via property crowdfunding coming from investors who were between 18 and 30 years old. (Twitter, Facebook)

Day 23

"Investor networks are critical for the success of angel investing in the UK. The best groups and syndicates in the country allow angel investors to share experience, develop their knowledge and confidently invest into opportunities perfectly suited to their portfolio." - Jordan Dargue, Group Operations Director, GCV (Twitter, Facebook)

Day 24

Co-investment today is easier and more accessible than it ever has been. It provides investors at all levels with the ability to invest alongside multiple other likeminded investors, sharing risk and return in opportunities from high growth SMEs to residential property developments. (Twitter, Facebook)

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