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The Future of Crowdfunding

 With the growth of crowdfunding, the question is will crowdfunding become a mainstream fundraising route in the future for start-ups and early stage entrepreneurs?

The possibilities seem huge but these are early days and there can be no doubt the demand for this type of fundraising for entrepreneurs and early start-up businesses is vast.

The collective collaboration of communities to fund a start-up or newly established company shows the power of decentralised communities to deliver crowdfunding results. The power of the crowd is increasing exponentially and shows no sign of abating.

As the market develops there will be new products and more sophisticated crowdfunding operators who develop the required processes and platforms that will give them the ability to build a sustainable business model.

Looking into the future, we will see crowdfunding operators reporting on metrics such as: return on investment (ROI) and exit multiples, much in the same way as the private equity funds report their numbers.

Thus the crowdfunding model becomes more sophisticated in order to attract both investors and entrepreneurs alike.

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