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Ever since deindustrialization, there has been a clear sense that prosperity in advanced economies would be driven by high-value added, knowledge-intensive industries.

Whilst this transition has attracted a range of modish titles, bestowed upon it by UK Governments of various persuasions, the fundamental analysis has endured.

The principles of the approach to harnessing and stimulating the growth of knowledge-intensive industries is perhaps most neatly captured in the concept of the Triple Helix.

Originating in the 1990s, the Triple Helix is the supposition that government, academia and industry should seek to collaborate for the mutual benefit of all has been reflected in a range of 21st century UK Government publications.

Successful collaborations in North East England

Here in North East England, we’ve always been actively engaged in this.

This can be seen in everything from the International Centre for Life that inspired the introduction of a nationwide programme of Science Cities in 2004, through to the continued success of Kromek, a textbook knowledge-intensive university spin out that has embraced acquisition in pursuit of growth.


Most recently, the launch of the Northern Accelerator project not only demonstrates the commitment of the Universities of Durham and Newcastle to continuing to support spin-out activity, but also showcases the capabilities of staff in the two institutions.

The importance of growth capital

The availability of growth capital has always been part of these discussions.

Many examples exist of public investment supporting the development of some of the most innovative UK businesses to have achieved scale in recent years.

This reinforces the importance of genuinely patient capital; a subject that the UK Government is currently consulting upon.

Despite these successes, a greater number of innovations emerging from UK research have previously been commercialised elsewhere in the world - and this is something that needs to change.

The UK business growth ecosystem has to ensure sufficient capital exists that the economic benefits of next generation of innovative technology are captured and retained here.

Capturing the benefits of future growth

In order to capture the benefits of future growth, the UK investment community needs to combine increased appetite for investing in early-stage companies with enhanced infrastructure, so to make investment opportunities accessible to more people.

At Growth Capital Ventures, we are passionate about both objectives.

Our GrowthFunders equity co-investment platform enables everyday retail investors to access tax efficient investment opportunities alongside institutional and professional investors.

This ticks the infrastructure box, and we complement this with a growing resources library populated by a range of guides that give potential investors the information they need to find out more about SEIS and EIS investment tax relief.

Our focus of these guides is simple - to provide you as a potential investor with the information to make the most informed decisions possible when it comes to investing in our pre-vetted opportunities, ultimately fueliing the growth of the next generation of British businesses.

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