The Rise of the Online Angel Investor



This series will take you through everything an investor will need to know from the actual process you go through to become an online business angel, to what co-investment and syndication actually mean.



We want to make the often-confusing world of online investing as clear as possible. Now that access to this asset class is no longer exclusive to high net worth individuals, through online equity crowdfunding, the relevant information now needs to be made accessible too.

This blog series is a great introduction to the things you should have a thorough understanding of, prior to registering on GrowthFunders and taking the “appropriateness” test.


What? (again)

So, “what topics will be covered in the investor series?” I hear you ask...just take a look below:

  1. What is online angel investing?

  2. How online angel investing is good for the UK economy

  3. What is the risk v. reward profile

  4. What tax benefits are available to investors?

  5. The 5 ”M”s of investing

  6. The “what”, “how”, and “why” of building a diversified portfolio

  7. Due Diligence: Top 5 areas

  8. Co-investment and syndication opportunities in equity crowdfunding

  9. Making money: exit strategies



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