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WATCH ON-DEMAND: Our introduction to Intelligence Fusion webinar

As part of our Investor Series of webinars, yesterday we hosted what was a brilliant webinar offering an insight into Intelligence Fusion and their EIS-eligible investment opportunity.

Having attracted anchor investment through the GrowthFunders platform from Finance Durham (managed by Maven Capital Partners), Intelligence Fusion is now being offered to retail investors through the Crowdcube platform - and we wanted to take the time to provide an update on Intelligence Fusion in general, as well as their investment opportunity.

What was covered?

In this 30 minute webinar, Michael McCabe (Founder and CEO, Intelligence Fusion), Norm Peterson (CEO, Growth Capital Ventures) and Dan Smith (Head of Digital, Growth Capital Ventures) delivered an in depth overview of the business covering a multitude of topics, which included:

  • Michael’s experience and his motivation for establishing Intelligence Fusion
  • The large-scale market problem that is directly addressed by Intelligence Fusion
  • An overview of the financial model for the platform
  • The considerable traction and progress to date
  • The ambitious plans for the next stage of growth

Catch up on the webinar

The full webinar and Q&A session was recorded, and you can catch up with it in full by clicking here.

Watch on-demand: an introduction to Intelligence Fusion webinar

Background to Intelligence Fusion

Intelligence Fusion is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business that provides private and public sector organisations with the information they need to protect their people and assets.

Delivering intelligence using a global mapping system gathered by a team of analysts, the platform has received direct praise from a NATO General and has been used by the security company protecting one of the world's biggest movie franchises.

After successfully raising funds for their proof of concept round through GrowthFunders, Intelligence Fusion is now raising capital to enhance its platform with more features, so to provide global coverage at greater speed, frequency and quality.

Looking to raise a total of £400,000 growth capital, Intelligence Fusion ran an online campaign through the GrowthFunders platform to attract professional investors while meeting with Institutional Investors to ensure the round was anchored by the most suitable partner.

The online campaign attracted a quantum of £166,400; £66,400 from the G Ventures Network of professional investors and a £100,000 anchor investment from the Finance Durham Fund to develop its online global intelligence and risk management system.

An EIS eligible investment opportunity

But what does this mean for you as an investor or potential investor?

In short, investing in businesses that are privately owned is becoming increasingly common for all investor groups.

Even better news is that investments you make in early-stage businesses often qualify for a range of tax reliefs - and the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is a perfect example.

Intelligence Fusion is an EIS eligible investment opportunity, meaning you could invest £100 and get 30% immediate income tax relief, effectively bringing your actual investment cost down to just £70.

As with the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS), we are big fans of the Enterprise Investment scheme - and having a multitude of potential benefits, we’ve pulled together an informative guide to explain the key features of the scheme - grab your free copy now.

Why should you be interested in EIS eligible investment opportunities?

Growing businesses are dynamic - they are driven by passionate entrepreneurs who are committed to further developing their product or service.

Investing in one can be hugely rewarding, particularly if what it offers captures your imagination.

However, investing in a growing business often represents a higher-risk investment than investing in an established business - but with the EIS recognising this, it offers numerous incentives to help investors mitigate such risk.

A guide to the Enterprise Investment Scheme - download your copy

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