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watch on-demand | why Chic Retreats are becoming the champion of boutique hotels

Earlier today we hosted our third webinar with Amir Azulay, CEO of Chic Retreats. As mentioned, last week we hosted a brilliant event in London with Amir and the team, allowing potential investors to understand why Chic Retreats are becoming the true online champion of boutique hotels - and today's webinar was provided to allow those who couldn't make the London event with the opportunity to hear all about exactly what was discussed.

Watch now: why Chic Retreats are becoming the true online champion of boutique hotels

Throughout the event, the entire focus was on the market opportunity that Chic Retreats are capitalising on. One of the most notable stats discussed is the online travel industry is quickly heading towards being worth over $800bn each year, with the boutique hotel segment alone worth a staggering $15.84bn.

What did we cover in the webinar?

The 30 minute session provided a really interesting view into the boutique hotel sector, and showed in-depth exactly why Chic Retreats are targeting this sector.

For example, Amir explained that whilst the boutique hotel sector is worth over $15bn annually, it's massively underserved. Hotels at this level are struggling to compete and have no chance of discovery, and he went on to give an example of how hotel chains and online travel agents have been reported to be colluding, itself causing a number of issues for boutique hotels.

Going on to explain how the online market is fragmented and boutique hotels struggle with their digital presence, combining this together is the reason behind Chic Retreats - it's all about demystifying online for the small independent hotel.

With a number of questions asked, Amir's passion for the industry once again shone through, and by watching the webinar on-demand you'll hear Amir explain just how much of a market opportunity there is, for which Chic Retreats are capitalising on.

The Chic Retreats EIS-eligible investment opportunity

Chic Retreats have currently raised £625,100, with a target of £1,000,000 for 20% equity.

With our EIS investment opportunities, investments can be made from as little as £100, but regardless of the investment amount, all investors have access to the tax reliefs and incentives available. These range from 30% income tax on the value of your investment to returns being exempt from Capital Gains Tax.

To download the Chic Retreats investment memorandum, click here. Alternatively, you can access the full investment pitch and invest by clicking here.

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