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WATCH ON-DEMAND: Why should you add residential property development projects to your investment portfolio?

Last week we hosted our second property investment-focused webinar, this time diving further into residential property development projects and why, as an investor, you should consider adding them to your investment portfolio.

Joined by Craig Peterson, GCV's co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Craig provided a brilliant insight into residential property projects, discussing everything you'd need to start considering when looking at the investment opportunities with these projects.

As with all of our webinars, the webinar was recorded in full and you can watch it on-demand here.

What was covered in the webinar?

During the 30 minute session, our focus was to provide you with enough information to get you thinking about residential property development projects. At GCV we don't give formal advice on any investments and always recommend you take it before making an investment, but we feel passionately about raising the awareness of the different opportunities open to investors.

Throughout the webinar, we covered:

  • What is a residential property development project?
  • How do the returns - and risks - compare to other residential investment opportunities?
  • Why can they be so beneficial from an impact investment point of view?
  • How do you assess a potential investment opportunity and determine its suitability for your investor requirements?
  • What routes are available to investing in a residential property development project?

Finishing the session with a live Q&A, we had some interesting questions raised that provided additional insight into these opportunities.

Residential property development projects

Before the Q&A, we gave an example of a residential property development project that we had on the GrowthFunders platform recently.

Situated in Chilton, County Durham, the opportunity provided investors with the ability to partake in the development of 14 residential properties. Targeting a 1.5x money return over a development period of 18 to 22 months, it proved to be particularly popular and closed out with over a month to go.

Just one of many such opportunities planned to go live over the coming months, you can view our existing investment opportunities here.

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