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webinar | an insight into Chic Retreats' growth strategy

Last month Amir Azulay, CEO of Chic Retreats, joined us for a webinar to provide a fascinating insight into Chic Retreats. Touching on everything from the company's successes to date through to their current investment round, the webinar provided potential investors with a great overview of exactly who Chic Retreats are.

An insightful session, I'm delighted to announce Amir is joining us once again for another webinar later this month, this time to provide greater detail around Chic Retreats' growth strategy and what their focus is for the coming years.

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Chic Retreats' plans post-investment

Understanding the strength of a company's foundations is a key part of the process for investors when considering an opportunity. However, it's only part of the process - and if we were to split the overall process into two, the second part is to understand the company's plans for the future and how, importantly, they're going to spend their investment.

With Amir providing the former in the first webinar, he touched on the latter, but in the upcoming webinar he'll be going into much more depth, explaining:

  • Which business areas the investment will be made into
  • The key milestones planned to be achieved
  • The company's exit plans and timeline

Scheduled to last 30 minutes, as with all of our webinars, this session will be recorded in full and available to watch on-demand.

Recorded in full and available to watch on-demand once the session finishes, the webinar is scheduled to last for 30 minutes and will feature a live Q&A, giving potential investors the opportunity to ask Amir specific questions to support their own due diligence process.

Chic Retreats' EIS-eligible investment opportunity

Raising £1.5m in exchange for 15.8% of equity, £625,000 has been pledged to date.

Being EIS-eligible, investors are able to benefit from a variety of tax reliefs and incentives. From 30% income tax relief through to no capital gains tax due on profits, you can view the full pitch here and download the investment memorandum by clicking here.

Join us for 'an insight into Chic Retreats' growth strategy' webinar

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