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webinar | an interview with Daniel Rodgers, CEO of QikServe

It's fantastic to have QikServe live on the GrowthFunders platform, raising investment to further build on the considerable successes they've seen to date.

An EIS-eligible investment opportunity, they have already exceeded their initial target and have now entered their £500,000 allocation of overfunding. With there currently 11 online investors and five institutional investors, full details of the investment opportunity are available on the pitch page here.

And to provide an insight into QikServe, I'm delighted to announce our upcoming webinar with their CEO, Daniel Rodgers.

Register now: an interview with Daniel Rodgers, CEO of QikServe

An insight into QikServe

Taking place on Monday 16th April at 2.00pm (BST), Daniel is joining myself and Jordan Dargue, our Investment and Operations Director, to provide an interesting and insightful introduction to QikServe.

Touching on an array of topics, Daniel will start by explaining why QikServe was actually setup and what market problem they are solving. Going on to discuss the sector, audience and competition, the investment round will form a key part of the webinar, providing potential investors with an insight into what's being raised, why and what the plans post-investment are.

Scheduled to last for 30 minutes, as with all of our webinars the session will be recorded in full and the on-demand version will be available to watch immediately afterwards (so if you can't make the live session, do still sign up - all registrants will be sent the on-demand link via email once the live webinar ends).

The QikServe EIS-investment opportunity

Investment into QikServe for this round currently stands at £2,534,082. Overfunding to a total of £3,000,000, the investment opportunity is closing on Friday 27th April 2018.

At the time of writing investment into QikServe for this round stands at £2,534,082. Overfunding to a maximum of £300,000, the investment opportunity is closing on Friday 27th April 2018.

Being EIS-eligible, investors are able to benefit from a range of generous tax reliefs, including 30% income tax relief on the value of your investment, and any returns realised are completely exempt from Capital Gains Tax.

Able to be invested in from as little as £100, the webinar is set to provide an insight into why the QikServe investment opportunity could be a particularly beneficial one for investors.

Join us for our next webinar - an interview with QikServe's CEO Daniel Rodgers on Monday 16th April 2018 

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