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[webinar] An introduction to the many benefits of SSAS pensions

On Tuesday 31st October 2017 we're delighted to be hosting a webinar with Terry Dunbar, managing partner of SSAS Advisers, on the topic of SSAS pensions.

We've talked a plentiful amount on the favourable benefits of making tax efficient investments, and in our guide to tax efficient investing we touch specifically on pensions.

One of the most popular and beneficial investment products available as a whole, whilst most of us have an understanding of pensions in general, not many are fully aware there are various different types or the extent of them.

From SSIPs (Self Invested Personal Pension) through to SSASs (Small Self Administered Scheme), they each offer something different to the investor - but it's difficult to argue against the statement that for business owners (specifically those with a small headcount), SSASs offer some of the most generous tax efficient investment options currently available.

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Discovering the benefits of SSAS pensions

In the 30 minute webinar (which will also feature Michael Johnson, Head of Research at GCV and Dan Smith, Head of Digital at GCV), Terry will be giving an insight first and foremost into what a SSAS pension actually is and how it differs from the other pension products you have access to.

With this understanding confirmed, we'll then be diving further into the specific benefits. As such, you should expect to find out about:

  • Just why SSAS pensions are so favourable for the owners of SMEs
  • The potential ability of a SSAS to substantially reduce your Corporation Tax
  • How you can make investments through a SSAS pension and use the SSAS to significantly drive the growth of them
  • The role of SSAS pensions in reducing your personal tax liability
  • The numerous ways SSAS pensions can directly help build a tax efficient retirement fund

Finishing with a live Q&A, Terry will be sharing his wealth of knowledge on all things SSAS pensions, answering any questions you may have on their benefits, qualifying criteria and specific components.

Who is the webinar for?

The webinar is aimed directly at business owners who wish to make their finances - both that of their business and their own personal finances - do more for them.

As mentioned above, this could be anything from reducing Corporation Tax right through to helping create an enviable tax efficient retirement fund.

And whilst SSAS pensions can be of direct benefit to business owners, they do have subsequent appeal to many others - employees of a SME, for example.

As such, we'd strongly recommend registering for the webinar if you would like to know more about SSAS pensions in general.

Even if you can't make it live, the webinar will be recorded in its entirety and by registering you can ensure you receive the link to the on-demand version as soon as it's available.

Taking place on Tuesday 31st October 2017 at 3.00pm and lasting for 30 minutes, you can register for the webinar by clicking here.

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