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residential property development: add to your portfolio?

In November we hosted our first webinar around property investments, offering an introduction to property investing. Our co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Craig Peterson, led the webinar and provided a particularly insightful overview of property investing today.

Since the webinar (which you can still watch on-demand here), we've launched and successfully closed our residential property development opportunity at Chilton, County Durham.

An investment opportunity that allows investors to participate in the full development process of 14 homes, it's clearly raised the awareness of residential property development projects.

When awareness of a topic is raised, it naturally brings with it a number of questions - and for this reason, I'm delighted to announce we're running our next property webinar on exactly this topic: why you should add residential property development projects to your investment portfolio.

Becoming a residential property investor

As Lauren recently explained, there are various ways to get involved in residential property, from the most common buy-to-let opportunities through to emerging opportunities, such as property crowdfunding.

So vast and varied, making it suitable for almost all investors irrelevant of risk and return preferences, residential property development projects can be particularly appealing as they give you the ability to invest alongside the property developer.

As with any investment opportunity, there are risks involved - but in this webinar, our focus is on detailing just what these risks are, along with what returns you can expect and a number of supporting aspects, such as why residential property investment opportunities can be so great for impact-focused investors.

Investor confidence built on knowledge and experience

With such projects, as you are investing alongside the property developer, it's important you not only understand the opportunity, but have full confidence in the team behind it.

Touching on this in the webinar, Craig is in a brilliant position to offer an insight here - not only is he co-founder and COO of Growth Capital Ventures, but he has held senior positions with Wimpey Homes & Bryant Homes. As Regional Production Director at Bryant Homes, Craig was responsible for a £60m annual development programme delivering around 450 new homes.

With the webinar taking place on Thursday 15th February and set to last for 30 minutes, it will offer a brilliant overview of the benefits of residential property investment opportunities for investors.

Join us for our webinar 'Why should you add residential property development projects to your investment portfolio?'

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