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Woman interested in investing? Come and join in the discussion

I’m delighted to announce we have today officially launched a brand new group on LinkedIn - ‘Women in investing: encouraging more women to invest and make a genuine impact’.

The group has the key focus of bringing together like-minded women with an interest in investing, particularly those who want to see their investments make an impact and have a real difference to the lives of others.

Aimed at both new and experienced investors alike, we want to spread the word to women with an interest in investing - even if they haven’t made an investment yet - about the many potential benefits of investing and making an impact.

Why have we launched a ‘women in investing’ group?

On average, women in the UK have in the region of £24,800 of investable assets and savings beyond that of property and pensions, translating to £375bn nationally. Yet research has shown women aren’t investing money anywhere near to the levels of their male counterparts. They are holding funds in cash (and sometimes property), but very few are investing in stocks and shares for example.

Add to this women are responsible for owning over 45% of the UK’s wealth, but only 14% of angel investors in the UK are women, and we need to encourage more women to invest. The investing landscape is vast and varied, but it is male dominated and this this needs to change - data has shown that as women, when we do invest we do extremely well!

What do we want to achieve?

Our primary focus is to develop a resource where women who are interested in investing can make an impact can engage with like-minded peers. The group isn’t about only providing insights into opportunities to experienced investors, or introductory level information to new investors - it’s about both of these and so much more.

We want to encourage females across multiple sectors in different roles to provide information, education and advice, or to ask questions, make comments and discuss new topics all around investing. There are so many inspiring women out there that have vast experience and knowledge, and we want to encourage them to use not only their finances as an investment, but their knowledge and experience in backing the next generation of British businesses and making an impact.

We know there are so many brilliant women out there who aren’t investing in any way, shape or form, but can do and want to, but feel discouraged for various reasons. We want to provide an arena where they can ask questions in an informal, friendly way.

We ultimately want more women to be aware of the considerable number of opportunities available as investors. We want women to know that just because the investment sector is male dominated, it doesn’t have to be this way. The data proves women make great investors, and we want to do everything we can to provide the education, information and support to encourage more women to invest.

How can you get involved?

Our LinkedIn group is open to any woman who wants to find out more about the world of investing and making a real difference. Whether you’re just starting to explore investing and are looking for some support or you’re a regular investor happy to share your knowledge and experience, come and join in the discussion.

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