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Growth Capital Ventures focus on unique investment opportunities that deliver impact and growth which are always chosen for their potential to deliver.

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Invest in PROPERTY

Our aim is to deliver strong financial and societal impact returns by investing indirect property-backed operating businesses.

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We look for impressive teams who are building high growth businesses, using innovative methods to change or create markets.

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We work closely with sector specialists to develop small to medium scale waste processing and power generation facilities.

About GrowthFunders.

The GrowthFunders user experience is enhanced and fully responsive across all devices, making the platform accessible on the go. The platform is dedicated to supporting the most attractive, high quality UK based property and clean energy projects as well as high growth SME businesses aiming to give investors access to exciting, pre-vetted projects and growth companies that help drive the UK domestic economy.

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About GrowthLenders.

GrowthLenders is a Peer 2 Peer (P2P) co-investment platform which is being built to focus on impact-driven debt and equity based projects.

For investors this platform will support, create, originate pre-vetted quality deal flow and provide a platform and legal framework to facilitate syndication between Institutional, Professional and Retail Investors.

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Karl Ridley Founder of HappyLeaves.

“Growth Capital Ventures has given me the opportunity to diversify and grow an amazing investment portfolio. The investment opportunities are pre-vetted which has given me the confidence that the opportunities have the potential to deliver a better risk adjusted return. I am looking forward to viewing the clean energy and property investment opportunities that will be available on the platform shortly.”

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