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webinar | how to invest in property through a SSAS pension

Back in October, we were delighted to host a webinar on SSAS pensions with Terry Dunbar. Terry is a managing partner of SSAS Advisers, a specialist company that helps create opportunities for business owners to optimise both their personal tax and the tax position of their company, whilst simultaneously creating a secure retirement for themselves and their family.

The webinar offered a brilliant introduction to what a SSAS pension actually is and just how you can benefit as a small business owner. A particularly active webinar, there were some great questions asked, and you can catch up with the webinar in full by watching the on-demand version.

Similarly, last month I had the opportunity to chat with our Chief Operating Officer, Craig Peterson, on a webinar all about property investing.

Craig has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to both property and investments, and the webinar provided a brilliant introduction into how you can start making investments into property in a variety of different ways.

As with the SSAS webinar, you can watch the on-demand version of our 'introduction to property investing' webinar in full.

SSAS pensions and property investing

With both webinars receiving a brilliant response, it's now fantastic to be hosting a webinar that brings the two together.

Taking place this Thursday (14th December) at 1pm (GMT), Terry Dunbar is once again joining myself and Michael Johnson, GCV's Head of Research, to talk specifically about property investing and how investing into a property opportunity through a SSAS pension can be particularly beneficial.

Going in-depth on the topic, the webinar is scheduled to cover:

  • a recap of SSAS pensions and just how beneficial they can be for small business owners
  • an overview of property investing and what style of opportunities exist today (hint: there's much more than Buy To Let)
  • why you should consider an investment into property through a SSAS pension
  • how exactly you use a SSAS pension to get involved in a property investment opportunity
  • worked examples of how the process works, from start to finish

Taking place this coming Thursday at 1pm (GMT), you can register for the webinar by clicking here, and we'll send you all the information you need to join us.

As with all of our webinars, this will be recorded in full. As such, if you can't make the live webinar, please do still register if the webinar is of interest, as all registrants will automatically receive the link to the webinar recording as soon as it's available. 

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