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Building and backing ventures that transform industries and communities.

With a portfolio that includes UK challenger banks, global SaaS platforms and a regional property developer, we've facilitated over £50m into the country's game changers. 

Investments that make a difference

With a focus on opportunities that transform industries or communities, we provide co-investment opportunities across three key areas:

  • Venture Capital - backing the next generation of British businesses, we focus on startups that use innovative technology to disrupt industries (and use tax efficient efficient wrappers where we can)
  • Private Equity - we look for operational and revenue-generating organisations where operational efficiencies can be made to rapidly increase EBITDA
  • Property - with there a chronic undersupply of housing in the UK, our property investors support the development of the right homes, in the right locations, when they're needed most

Featured Investment Opportunity

Bank North

Type Equity
Sector Finance & Payments
Target Return 10 x Return
Target Sought £1,000,000
Deadline 31 Dec 2021

We back the game changers, the innovators and value creators.

Those who make a positive difference to the way we live and work. Whether that’s the UK’s first app-only and most trusted bank, or a tech startup that’s transforming the way businesses engage employees and strengthen culture, the mission is the same - identify and accelerate those businesses with the potential to grow, scale and create value.

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Who are Growth Capital Ventures?

A private investor network and innovation lab

Working together to build and back businesses that transform industries and communities, Growth Capital Ventures (GCV) was launched in 2015 by co-founders Norm and Craig Peterson. With a team of 25 supporting the game changers, the innovators and the value creators, our focus is simple: to provide investment opportunities into impact-driven businesses that can grow, scale and create value.


Private Investor Network

Access high growth investment opportunities.

Providing access to compelling tax efficient investment opportunities and high quality property transactions, our network of experienced investors have the ability to build a diversified investment portfolio of top tier opportunities.


Venture Builder

Create. Incubate. Accelerate 

From innovative entrepreneurs to forward-thinking corporates, we collaborate to build, launch and scale businesses that will transform industries. Back office support and business strategy to full-stack software development, our specialist team supports in the full growth of a transformational business.

Our Mission

To back the next generation of British businesses as they transform industries and communities.


Norman Peterson
Chief Executive Officer
Growth Capital Ventures

Companies We've Backed

Ambitious businesses with high growth potential.

We always look for the businesses that can make an impact; the businesses that can make a difference. Since launch, we've built a portfolio of a dozen companies across banking to threat intelligence and each continues to thrive to this day.

Bank North

Asset Class:

Venture Capital

Investment to Date:


Intelligence Fusion

Asset Class:

Venture Capital

Investment to Date:


Atom Bank

Asset Class:

Venture Capital

Investment to Date:



Asset Class:

Venture Capital

Investment to Date:



Asset Class:

Venture Capital

Investment to Date:


Asset Class:

Venture Capital

Investment to Date:


GCV have supported B-North from inception stage through to series B. Raising over £9million of equity investment to support the creation and launch of Bank North.

Jonathan Thompson
Chief Executive Officer, Bank North

Bank North raised £9m over 3 investment rounds with GCV Invest

Bank North Founders

Free Investor Guide

An investor's guide to tax efficient investing

Providing an insight into the tax efficient investment options accessible to UK investors, our free guide is a useful introduction to the schemes and wrappers that can help you maximise returns and minimise risk when investing into early stage companies.

Driving Growth.
Creating Value.
Delivering Impact.

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Growth Capital Ventures (GCV) is backed by funds managed by Maven Capital Partners, one of the UK’s leading private equity and alternative asset managers.