Raising investment doesn't need to be complex

From your first seed round to Series A, B and onwards, our network of private and institutional investors are looking to back the next generation of UK businesses.

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Raising Finance For Your Business

Backing the game changers

Our focus at Growth Capital Ventures is to support ambitious businesses who want to make a genuine impact in their industry. We look for entrepreneurs and management teams who fully understand the needs of their audience have the drive and determination to execute their business model in full.

Working closely to ensure your business is in the most appropriate position to secure the investment needed to grow, scale and succeed, this is a real collaboration.

Whether it's your seed round or Series B, we want to hear from you if you are transforming industries or communities.

The Process

Progressing through your investment raise

We aim to keep our raise process as streamlined as possible for all involved and there are 8 main stages.

Stage 1
Your initial information

Submitted through our online raise process, we'll review your key information - notably your business plan, financials and investment presentation.

Stage 2
Reviewed by our investment team

Upon receipt of the requested information, our investment team will undergo an initial review to determine suitability and appropriateness.

Stage 3
Meeting & further information

For suitable opportunities, we will invite you to discuss your business further and request additional information where appropriate. There may be multiple meetings.

Stage 4
Presented to our investment committee

Once determined by our investment team to meet our criteria, your opportunity will be presented to our investment committee for approval.

Stage 5
Investment agreements & legal documentation

Further to approval from our investment committee, our legal team will work with your lawyers to produce investment agreements and all required legal documentation.

Stage 6
Live on the platform

With our online co-investment platform host to all of our opportunities, we will create your investment opportunity onto the platform and once approved, we'll go live!

Stage 7
Investor discussions & presentations

Throughout your opportunity being live, we will liaise collaboratively with investors in a range of ways, from in person to events to online webinars.

Stage 8
Raise completion

Upon successfully receiving the target investment amount, the opportunity will be closed and full legal completion will take place and funds provided to you.

To date we have facilitated over £50m into transformative companies, from UK banks to global Saas companies

Application Form

Raising Capital To Help Your Business Grow

Our online application form is the first part of your journey to raising investment with Growth Capital Ventures. Please complete it as fully as possible, providing our investment team with all the information they need to review in the first instance.

Driving Growth.
Creating Value.
Delivering Impact.

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Growth Capital Ventures (GCV) is backed by funds managed by Maven Capital Partners, one of the UK’s leading private equity and alternative asset managers.