We are Growth Capital Ventures

Two businesses. One mission.

We’re a different type of business. A private investor network and innovation lab working together to build and back businesses that transform industries.

Launched in 2015, by co-founders Norm and Craig Peterson, the business has evolved over the last 5 years, but the mission has remained focused to back the game changers, the innovators and value creators. Those who make a positive difference to the way we live and work. Whether that’s the UK’s first app only and most trusted bank, or a tech startup that’s transforming the way businesses engage employees and strengthen culture; the mission is the same, identify and accelerate those businesses with the potential to grow, scale and create value.

Our mission.

Our mission is to back the game changers, the innovators and value creators.

What we do

The Private Investor Network

G-Ventures brings together an online and offline investor network of experienced private investors and institutional investors to access and co-invest in growth focussed investment opportunities. We provide access to tax-efficient and growth focused investment opportunities that have the potential to deliver better returns than more mainstream investment products. We cover three asset classes, Venture Capital, Property and Private Equity and target an internal rate of return (IRR) of 25% for our investors.

The Venture Builder

G-Labs is our Innovation Lab and Venture Builder. We bring together our resources, infrastructure, network and experience to help entrepreneurs take their ideas from concept to scale, maturity and exit. This shared ecosystem works to improve speed and likelihood of success. It differs from the classic venture capital model, where investors simply distribute capital among ideas and teams, hoping one in five or ten might make it big. Venture builders bring a lot more than just capital. Our mission is to improve the success rate and create value for the founders and for our investors.

Our Timeline


Startup – Against a backdrop of technology driving change in the Financial Services sector. Norm and Craig Peterson launch Growth Capital Ventures (“GCV”).

Seed Capital – GCV raises £250,000 from private investors.

The Vision – To build a business that connects growth focused investors to ventures that have the potential to make a positive difference to society, create value and deliver superior returns to all stakeholders.

Growth Funders – Online co-investment platform launched to do two things. One, streamline the investment and fundraising process for ambitious high growth businesses. Two, provide experienced investors with access to high quality growth focused investment opportunities.

Head Count – 4

Investments – Atom Bank (Seed), Intelligence Fusion (Proof of Concept)


Expansion – With increasing deal flow and an increasingly active investor network, we focus our strategy on co-investment and asset class diversification for our private investor network.

Strategic Opportunities – GCV support Maven Capital Partners with bids for £200 million fund mandates across the North and Midlands. Focus on co-investment into high growth businesses that drive the UK economy.

Growth Capital – November 2016, Funds managed by Maven Capital Partners invest £1.1 million into GCV to support future expansion and new product development.

Headcount – 8

Investments – Hive.HR, Dot Net Pages, Carlton Development Management, Growth Capital Ventures.


Co-Investment Funds – Support Maven Capital Partners to mobilise a number of Fund Mandates; Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund (NPIF), North East Development Capital Fund (NEDCF), Midlands Engine Investment Fund (MEIF) and Finance Durham. Totalling over £20o million assets under management (AUM), these funds will help high growth businesses scale up over the coming years.

Key Hires – Recruit a capable team across the core disciplines of product development, software development, project management, investor relations, marketing, finance and back office support.

Atom bank – £1 million co-investment into a £16 million follow-on-round round with Tosca Fund. 44 GCV members invest between £10,000 and £250,000. The offer was oversubscribed by £700,000 within one week.

G-Labs – Team begin shaping idea for GCV’s Innovation Lab and Venture Builder to support the growth of portfolio company Intelligence Fusion. Focus on scoping pilot scheme, designed to help Intelligence Fusion create enterprise value quickly and cost effectively, with planned mobilisation in 2018.

Property – Originated a pipeline of property transactions with a Gross Development Value of £20 million+ in preparation for the launch of a new asset class for GCV Investors.

Headcount – 16

Investments – Atom Bank.


Expansion – Focus on increasing deal pipeline, growing the Investor Base and new product development.

Investor base – Launch G-Ventures, a Private Investor Network for sophisticated investors and high net worth individuals. Complements the GrowthFunders online Investor Network and relationships with Institutional Investors. Creates liquidity pool of £20 million+

Investment Themes – With an expanding investor network and deal pipeline; focus on providing GCV investors with access to hand picked alternative investments across three core asset classes, Venture Capital, Property and Private Equity.

G-Labs – Live projects with Intelligence Fusion and Corporate Partners.

Property – Complete first property co-investment transactions. £10million+

Headcount – 18

Investments – Growth Capital Ventures, Cathedral Gates – Chilton, Middleton Waters – Middleton St George, The Langtons – Redmarshall, Intelligence Fusion, QikServe.


Focus New Product Launch – Launched CARLTON Bonds. Aimed at experienced investors, CARLTON Bonds provides access to IFISA, SIPP and SSAS eligible asset backed bonds targeting tax free returns of upto 7.5% per annum.

G-Ventures – The Private Investor Network continues to expand, co-investing over £8 million into venture capital and property transactions alongside GCV’s institutional investor partners. Targeting investor returns of 25% IRR.

G-Labs – Provides intensive ‘venture builder’ support to Intelligence Fusion and prepares the company for third funding round at an increased valuation. Developed and launched CARLTON Bonds and wins further venture builder project with legal tech start-up, Transparently.

Property–  The Langtons- Redmarshall and Thorpe Paddocks – Thorpe Thewles. Secured pipeline with a GDV of £70 million+, providing GCV Investors with access to joint venture style property investment opportunities. Targeting 1.5x money-on-money return (25% IRR).

Headcount – 20

Investments – B-North, Hive.HR, Intelligence Fusion

Current Stats

Headcount – 22

Portfolio – 9

No of transactions – 19 (includes follow on investment)

Overall value of transactions (institutional and GCV) – £40m+

Overall value of GCV element – £10m+

Overall Portfolio Market Cap – £638m+

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