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Dan Smith

Investor Relations Director, GCV

Welcome to GCV Invest

We offer high-growth investment opportunities for experienced investors across three asset classes

GCV Invest brings together an online and offline investor network of experienced, private investors and institutional investors to access and co-invest in growth focussed investment opportunities. We originate impact driven investments across three asset classes; Venture Capital, Private Equity and Property to deliver both portfolio diversification and superior investor returns. We focus on originating and structuring high growth investment opportunities, many of which offer attractive tax reliefs including the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS).

Startup Team

Venture Capital

Invest in Ambitious Startups

GCV provide investors with access to high quality, pre-vetted startup investment opportunities in some of the most exciting UK based early-stage businesses with high growth potential.

Offering a range of tax-efficient investment structures such as EIS and SEIS, investors can also benefit from Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax relief.

GCV focus on originating and structuring investment opportunities that have the potential to deliver superior investment profits.

Targeting returns of 10x money-on-money (not guaranteed), our approach can also form part of a bespoke estate planning service.

The Galloway Middleton Waters

Property Investment

Joint Venture Residential Developments

GCV Investors benefit from access to our specialist property investment team that offers extensive knowledge and experience of the UK property sector.

Working closely with our strategic delivery partner, Homes by Carton we originate and structure carefully selected property investment opportunities.

We focus primarily on residential development projects in sought after locations in the UK.

Investments are typically structured as a joint venture investment with the developer. We target investor returns of 1.5x money-on-money (not guaranteed), generally over a two year hold period (25% IRR).

Large scale factory

Private Equity

Later Stage Private Companies

Innovative private companies are the backbone of the economy. The UK’s private equity industry is the largest and most dynamic in Europe, turning innovative ideas into successful businesses and helping mature companies become more productive and in turn, drive superior investor returns.

We choose to work only with companies where we are able to create significant additional equity value; typically targeting a Multiple of Money (MoM) return of not less than 2.5x initial investment over a holding period of up to 5 years.

GCV members are able to construct a balanced, diversified portfolio of private company holdings, offering the potential for regular income and capital gains whilst mitigating the risk associated with private equity investment.

Why join GCV Invest?

Offering private investors the potential to grow a balanced, growth-focused portfolio

We specialise in identifying alternative investment opportunities with high growth potential across three compelling asset classes: venture capital, private equity and property. This approach means we can not only help you build a well-diversified investment portfolio, but increase your exposure to some of the UK's best performing alternative asset classes with the help of an experienced team and state of the art software.

Investor Reports

Receive regular investor reports and data-driven updates on the progress of your investment portfolio.

Expert Analysis

All of our opportunities are carefully selected and researched by our experienced team of investor professionals.

Document Management

Effortlessly organise and store all of your important legal documents with our accessible document management tool.

Secure Portal

Security and privacy is key, that's why we take every measure to ensure your portfolio and personal information are as secure as possible.

Investor Relations

Talk directly to our Investor Relations Team about opportunities using our seamless discussions tool.

Seamless Registration

Access investment opportunities in a matter of minutes after a quick and seamless registration process.

Minimise Risk. Maximise Returns.

The Sign Up Process

How to become a GCV
investor member in 3 steps

Registering to become a GCV investor member gives you instant access to the exclusive GCV Investor Portal. Hosting the latest, pre-vetted, growth-focused investment deals, members can research opportunities, manage investment documents and monitor growth simultaneously at the touch of a button. 

Step 1

Create your account

Once you have entered your details and set your password, you will need to choose which investor category you fall into sophisticated, high net worth or professional.

Navy laptop screen showing GCV Invest register page

Step 2

Confirm your experience

As part of the sign-up process we will need to verify your identity and carry out Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) checks.  These checks are carried out in real-time as you go through the online application process. We must also ask all clients to provide information regarding their knowledge and experience in the investment field to enable us to assess whether our opportunities are appropriate for you.

White laptop screen showing GCV Invest KYC and AML check page

Step 3

Build your portfolio

Once you've successfully joined, you'll have the ability to access each investment opportunity and build your portfolio of well researched, carefully selected investment opportunities, tracking performance on your dedicated Client Account through the GCV Invest Online Portal.

Grey laptop screen showing GCV Invest live investments page
GCV invest has given me the opportunity to invest in businesses and projects that have the potential to deliver much more attractive returns than traditional investment products. I'm comfortable making my own decisions and wanted to allocate part of my portfolio to asset classes that have the potential to deliver returns of up to 25% IRR and access tax breaks where possible. More importantly it's allowed me to create a balanced, growth-focused portfolio.

Karl Ridley
GCV Invest Member

GCV Investor Karl Ridley

Portfolio Diversification.
Superior Returns.

Investor Relations Director

Introducing Dan Smith

As Investor Relations Director, Dan effectively communicates our opportunities with our private investor network, ensuring they have access to the opportunities they desire to support the development of a diversified portfolio of venture capital, private equity and property investments.

Dan is always more than happy to answer any questions you might have regarding an opportunity or the GCV Invest private network and platform.

GCV Investor Relations Director Dan Smith


Answer your GCV-related queries

Should you have any further questions on how to become a GCV Investor Member or the type of opportunities we offer at GCV you can contact us at any point here - but we've provided a selection of frequently asked questions below that may be of help.

  • GCV Invest was launched to help experienced investors build a more diversified growth-focused investment portfolio.

    To become a GCV Invest client, you must meet the following criteria;

    Be a Family Office, Institutional Investor, HNWI or Sophisticated Investor, seeking to invest alongside like-minded individuals and connect with the Alternative Investment ecosystem. Looking to deploy over £10k+ in Alternative Investment Opportunities per annum.

  • If you would like to join GCV and become part of our Private Investor Network, please contact Dan Smith (Investor Relations Director) - dan.smth@growthcapitalventures.co.uk

  • We charge no upfront fees for being part of our investor network, having access to our opportunities or investing into our opportunities.

    For investors, fees are only charged at the point of a liquidity event occurring (such as a trade sale or IPO). At this point, 7.5% of the investment gain is charged before funds are provided back to you as an investor.

    Whilst dividend payments should not be expected from early stage investing, if and when they are paid, 7.5% of the dividend amount is charged to investors.

  • The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) are tax efficient investment schemes provided by the UK government that offer some of the most generous tax reliefs available to UK investors.

    After investing into an SEIS or EIS-eligible investment opportunity, investors will be provided with an SEIS3 or EIS3 form that can be submitted to HMRC to claim the relevant tax reliefs.

    Our free guide to the SEIS and free guide to the EIS provide a comprehensive insight into all of the tax reliefs available, but investors should seek independent tax advice as tax reliefs can be dependent on individual circumstances. 

    Please note that whilst non-UK taxpayers will be unable to access the relevant SEIS/EIS tax reliefs, this will not prevent investment into an opportunity.

  • The GCV investment teams are well networked and uses their embedded presence in the key UK corporate finance regions to access a range of investment opportunities in private companies with significant potential for growth. The property team, specifically, have long standing relationships with landowners and agents through key target regions.

    Opportunities are often introduced on an off-market basis, on the strength of longstanding personal relationships, or by professional advisers who are aware of our expertise and ability to work constructively on venture capital, private equity and property transactions.

Driving Growth.
Creating Value.
Delivering Impact.

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Growth Capital Ventures (GCV) is backed by funds managed by Maven Capital Partners, one of the UK’s leading private equity and alternative asset managers.