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EIS Eligible Investment Opportunity
Fintech startup on a mission to improve financial inclusion by redefining credit scoring. Increasing loan origination and reducing default rates. Credit Scoring. Transformed.

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Finexos helps to solve a global problem faced by millions.

Far too many people face difficulty accessing credit due to an inaccurate reflection of their financial position from legacy credit scoring systems.

With over 2 billion people excluded from credit - or credit at prime rates of interest - due to no, low or thin credit files, Finexos provides a precise measure of both affordability and creditworthiness by assessing the financial capability of a borrower - how well they manage and make decisions around their finances.

Combining behavioural analytics with a detailed analysis of underlying transactional data - such as via open banking - and proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, Finexos’s solution accurately measures financial capability without the need for a legacy credit score.

The Team

Executive Team with a proven track record

The founding team has a wealth of experience spanning financial services, technology, and banking.

Mark Fisher Founder and Head of Product
Areiel Wolanow Chief Executive Officer
Kefirah Kang Chief Technology Officer
Steven Bone Chairman and Investor
Thomas Belli Operations & Finance Manager
Wesley Xie Lead Technical Architect

2 billion people worldwide cannot access financial services


Key Investment Highlights

A snapshot of the Key Investment Highlights associated with Finexos and their EIS-eligible investment opportunity.


An inclusive credit decisioning methodology that outperforms legacy credit scoring on origination volume, default rates, and satisfaction ratings


The Finexos solution unlocks the unserved and underserved credit market on a global scale, whilst keeping default rates the same or reducing them


A completely new but proven way of evaluating credit worthiness based on our proprietary AI


An industry-knowledgeable team with a proven track record of delivering innovative fintech solutions on a global scale


Finexos uses open architecture to seamlessly integrate, via API, into any provider of credit’s risk platform, enhancing or completely overhauling their credit decisioning process


Advanced assurance received. Investors have the ability to access the generous tax reliefs available under the EIS, depending on individual tax circumstances.

Traction to Date

The team has laid the foundations to scale.

2018 to 2020

With £65,000 raised initially, the team were onboarded in August 2019 and Finexos went on to raise £362,000 from private investors.

Defining The Vision
To develop a completely new method of evaluating creditworthiness. Combining open banking and finance with our proprietary AI and ML to measure financial capability without the need for a credit score.

Progressing The Mission
Work begins on the platform MVP. The aim is to improve financial inclusion by redefining credit scoring, as well as increasing loan origination and reducing default rates through a transformed approach to credit scoring.

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Round 1




Round 2




Platform MVP Complete
The team continue enhancing the MVP, with the second iteration consumer MVP complete. SME algorithm and affordability assessment developed and tested.

Seed Round
Finexos raises £808,000 from private investors and the Future Fund.

Pilot Projects Identified
Identified a number of verticals where the pilot projects can be rolled out - consumer lending, SME lending, mobile phone network operators.

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Round 3




Finexos are now ready to scale up and launch a series of Pilot Projects with pre-identified partners across a number of core target verticals.

Fund Raise
The team are now opening up the business to GCV Invest members to invest alongside existing Finexos investors and fuel this next stage of growth.

MVP Pilot to Full Commercial Launch

Finexos’ open banking enabled analysis and reporting tools are ready to API into applications and begin data trials to determine efficacy and train the machine learning algorithms. Once pilot projects are completed the team will then move into full commercial launch phase.

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Round 4

Super Seed

£500,000 - open March 2022

Open For Investment


EIS Eligible Investment Opportunity
Download the Investment Memorandum to discover the full details of the current investment opportunity into Finexos. 

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