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How To Create A Killer Equity Crowdfunding Pitch - Step 4: The Lean Start Up Method

“Lean on me”

The fourth in a ten-part series which addresses the steps you need to take in order to create an eye-catching equity crowdfunding campaign on GrowthFunders. You can find out more about the coming posts at the end of this one.

Starting a new business venture is costly: in time, effort, and money. If you’re serious about pursuing a start up, you’ll most likely be wondering if there’s a way to cut down on that time, effort, and money you inevitably end up wasting. Well, there is...

What is Lean Start Up?

This cutting-edge method was inspired by Japanese car manufacturers, where “lean management” is employed. The term “Lean Start Up” was first used by Eric Ries, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, in reference to tech start ups, but the term is now applied to other sectors.


What are the key points?

The key feature of the Lean Start Up model is the “Build - Measure - Learn” feedback loop.

The idea, with this approach, is to produce your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), get it out to your audience as soon as possible, gather feedback, and iterate from there. The thinking behind creating an MVP is that you don’t waste valuable resources on producing a “perfect” product, only to find that it’s not what your audience wants.

So what are the benefits of this?

By getting your product / services into the hands of your customers quickly, you soon know when to change direction with a plan, and when to persevere. It enables you to drive your start up forward much faster than alternative routes; you can grow your business with maximum acceleration.

Want to learn more?

Why not read Steve Blank’s article on “Why The Lean Start up Changes Everything”, where he explores this approach.

GrowthFunders: getting you started

If you’re looking to raise growth capital for your business, you’ll no doubt already know how difficult it can be. Spending time away from your business, travelling up and down the country to meet face-to-face with potential investors, can often be time-consuming and ultimately fruitless. Finding the right platform from which to pitch to many investors, all at once, is a great solution. GrowthFunders, the online equity-crowdfunding and co-investment platform, is the right one. Now, what do you need in order to make your pitch the best it can be?

  1. Idea

  2. Using Social Media

  3. Your Team

  4. The Lean Start-up Method

  5. Your Revenue Plan

  6. Your Financials

  7. Your Investor Presentation

  8. Your Business Plan

  9. Making A Video

  10. Setting A Valuation 

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