Is your startup investment ready?

What does “investment / investor ready / readiness” mean?
‘Investment ready’ is a term used to describe organisations that want to grow and expand and who develop their capacity to the extent that they will be successful in gaining external (repayable) investment.

This means understanding the requirements of banks and other financial institutions (investors) when you are looking for investment and it includes knowledge about how to develop business plans to secure external finance and communication with investors.

What kind of investment are you looking for?

  • Start-up investment: such as getting a place on an accelerator programme
  • Helping your organisation grow: If you are hoping to allow your business to scale-up, the relevant investors will want more information about how your organisation works and how they will get their money back.

Investors are your customer of equity – how will you get money out of their pockets and into your business? The following check list is a good start in determining whether or not your business is Investor- Ready. We suggest you take a few moments and complete this checklist because the chances are you will discover some gaps in your Investor Readiness profile.

Yes, different investors are looking for different things, but there is a formula to covering all of the bases and presenting a fantastic live pitch. The extra bits you bring to it are down to you – confidence, ease, the proposition, etc

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