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Residential property development investing webinar

This Thursday, I'm delighted to be hosting our next property investment webinar, building on the popularity of our first - 'An introduction to property investing' (which is available to watch on-demand here).

Joined once again by our co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Craig Peterson, Craig will be sharing his knowledge and experience of the property industry, explaining exactly why residential property development projects should be a consideration for all property investors.

Sign up: why should you add residential property development projects to your investment  portfolio?

I'm a huge believer that webinars are a great way to communicate digitally - if not one of the best ways to do so - and I wanted to talk a little about what you should expect if you join us this coming Thursday.

Knowledge sharing

If you've viewed one of our webinars previously, you'll hopefully have a good understanding of the fact our focus is on information sharing. Being huge advocates of both tax efficient investing and property investing, and with our team having a wealth of knowledge of these sectors, we want to do as much as we can to raise the awareness of the opportunities within them.

And this is exactly what we'll be doing on our upcoming webinar.

Craig's background in particular is directly related to residential property. Couple this with his extensive investment experience and he's perfectly positioned to explain why such projects can be particularly attractive to investors (but also explaining what risks are involved, too).

Opportunity to ask questions

If you ever have questions on anything property investing-related, you can always call us, email us or arrange to come and chat in person. We're based in Newton Aycliffe, minutes off the A1, and are always happy to chat with investors and entrepreneurs alike.

But sometimes you simply want to ask a question or two when you're reading or watching something - and that's exactly what's achievable with our webinars.

Giving you the ability to ask questions throughout, we put aside time at the end of every session for a live Q&A, whereby we answer as many questions as we can. And for those we don't get time to answer, we'll follow up directly afterwards, ensuring you get the answers you need in full.

Insight into GrowthFunders

When you're considering any type of investment opportunity, it's important you have the confidence in the team behind it.

Providing a range of investment opportunities to our network of investors - not just property-related - we're only too aware of how important it is for both entrepreneurs and investors to truly believe in us. And that's something that many find achievable when you hear from us as individuals.

In our webinars, you get just that. You can understand about what we do by listening to us and seeing the information that we're presenting. Reading our content is great and we know how important it is, but sometimes you want that different type of touch point - and we totally appreciate that.

For this point and the previous two, our property investing webinar this Thursday doesn't differ to any of the other webinars we've delivered. You can hear directly from myself and Craig, listen as we talk about the benefits of residential property development projects and build your own understanding of just what we're about.

And as with all of our webinars, if you can't make it live, do still register - the session will be recorded in full and the on-demand version of the webinar will be shared immediately after the live session. Enjoy!

Join us for our webinar 'Why should you add residential property development projects to your investment portfolio?'

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