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Fame Media Tech to transform visitor experience

Expectations are changing. Improved connectivity is enabling our smartphones to take on new capabilities, allowing the world of visitor and customer experiences to catch up with the pace and demands of consumers expectations.

In the next few years, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator yet currently only one in ten organisations see themselves as ‘very advanced’ in respect of customer and visitor experience. 

Founded by Bryan Hoare (Co-founder of BQ, a national publishing and media brand) and David Courtney (Renowned songwriter and music producer) Fame Media Tech’s journey started in 2017. 

Through an innocuous conversation across LinkedIn, David and Bryan met, and from there an idea was born to create a technology driven media company focused on transforming experiences. 


Walk of Fame

The company would capitalise on their combined backgrounds and expertise, a trademark asset, and knowledge of the media industry. As a competitive advantage to Fame Media Tech, the team began to exploit a UK registered trademark for the term “Walk of Fame” which is protected by the company across all media types. 

Emanating from the globally renowned Hollywood Walk of Fame, the term has been used as part of Fame Media Tech’s portfolio to enhance a number of unique experiences, the pilot of which was the Brighton Music Walk of Fame located on the famous Brighton Palace Pier.

Since 2017, the founders have gone onto create a number of unique interactive experiences using their platform as a service technology.

These experiences have included the Music Walk of Fame in Camden and Football Walk of Fame in Manchester. 

Partnering with developer Weston Homes plc, Fame Media Tech recently delivered a project around a newly built Fame Square, at the centre of the former Denham film studios

In addition to this, Fame Media Tech is developing a world first visitor experience and Walk of Fame to recognise the Bollywood industry and is currently in conversations with three separate potential hosting location partners who are keen to create a home for the experience.


How are GCV supporting Fame Media Tech?

G-Labs (GCV’s Venture Builder business unit) began working with Fame Media Tech founders in 2018. By combining the collective resources of G-Labs, support has been delivered in areas of product and software development, strategic input to create a high growth revenue model, strategic positioning along with design, branding and marketing.

GCV have also worked with the Fame Media Tech founders to prepare the company for investment later this year, which will see an investment opportunity available to GCV’s private investor network (G-ventures). 

Collectively the team at GCV will have helped Fame Media Tech take their ideas from concept to launch and scale, with G-Labs also providing a high quality deal flow for the G-Ventures Private Investor Network.

Fame Media Tech has a proven revenue model operating across a number of distinct vertical income streams allowing for both long term secured income and short term project income.

Having pitched and piloted a number of successful experience solutions in 2018 and 2019 the business has demonstrated proof of concept and a demand for the platform solution.


How does Fame Media Tech make a positive difference? 

Events, destinations and venues such as football clubs, music events and visitor attractions need to add value to their visitor propositions to deliver better experiences and improve engagement. 

The Fame Media Tech value proposition is to improve visitor engagement and enhance experiences through technology. Events, destinations and venues need to add value to their visitor propositions to maintain and increase footfall, to deliver better experiences, improve engagement for their visitors/fans/customers and to enhance ROI. 

The platform as a service approach delivers a single multi use visitor experience engine built by Fame Media Tech with proprietary technology modules creating customised solutions. It seamlessly integrates with websites, apps and management systems to deliver improved tracking and monitoring of interactions. 

The plug and play technology model allows Fame Media Tech to be adaptive to change without being reliant on individual platforms. This future proof technology approach keeps Fame Media Tech agile to shifts in market trends and ensures the adoption of the latest technology developments in relatively short lead times.

A flexible approach to pricing based around multiple income streams allows for both long term secured income from licenses and short term project income from sponsorship, advertising and other sources.

A recent study at MIT found that companies that have embraced digital transformation are 26% more profitable than their peers with 37% of large organisations see personalising experiences as their most exciting prospect.

Fame Media Tech’s visitor experience has also enabled the regeneration of local communities whilst improving the prosperity of regional economies. In addition to this the company is keen to support local communities and charities further, and saw a percentage of proceeds from past sponsorship of events donated to charitable causes.


Bryan Hoare, Fame Media Tech Founder said: 5G and Wifi 6 is here, enabling our smartphones to take on new capabilities, allowing the world of visitor and customer experiences to catch up with the pace and demands of consumers expectations. 

Using the Fame Media Tech platform as a service technology, organisations can supplement their base technology with a range of proprietary technology add-ons to create bespoke interactive experiences that deepen engagement and add value to the user experience. 

As a result, Fame Media Tech’s solutions increase loyalty, drive and direct footfall and create new marketing and commercial opportunities. 


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