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Fame Media Tech to Transform Visitor, Fan/Customer Experience

Expectations are changing. Improved connectivity is enabling our smartphones to take on new capabilities, allowing the world of visitor and customer experiences to catch up with the pace and demands of consumers expectations.

In the next few years, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator yet currently only one in ten organisations see themselves as ‘very advanced’ in respect of customer and visitor experience. 

Sport, hospitality and the visitor economy have all suffered from customer and fan isolation during COVID-19 and need to think differently about how they can introduce and enhance digital experiences to create engagement and improve customer loyalty.

Led by entrepreneur Bryan Hoare, GCV portfolio company Fame Media Tech is on a mission to transform customer experiences through mobile and content technology to help the entertainment, sport, visitor attractions, hospitality and retail sectors create more engaged and loyal customers, fans and visitors.

Fame Media Tech is planning to build a mobile technology platform – called n-gage.io – a highly customisable platform which when combined with storytelling and innovation in digital media such as use of virtual reality (VR), will influence customer behaviour, enhance engagement, and improve loyalty.


Coming Soon: SEIS Eligible Investment Opportunity 

GCV portfolio company Fame Media Tech are set to launch a £150,000 SEIS Eligible investment round on the Growth Capital Ventures Co-investment platform later this year. Funds from the raise will enable Fame Media Tech to progress with product development including the build of the engage io platform.

Discover More: Download Fame Media Tech Investment Memorandum


Founder and CEO Bryan Hoare said:

“We’re part of the ‘Audience of the Future’ revolution, where storytelling and innovation in digital media and mobile technology come together to captivate and engage audiences.

“Customers, visitors, fans and guests’ expectations are changing; we expect more standout moments where immersive technology and content combine to enhance our experiences. We’re developing the technology to transform the visitor, fan and customer experience forever.

“Through our technology we’ll be improving the experience, deepening engagement and building customer loyalty and ultimately revenues for the operator.

“We have proved the concept and have had constructive discussions with operators across sport, hospitality and visitor attractions. We’re already revenue generating by providing innovative content experiences delivered to global network providers. We now need to secure investor funding to scale up to the next level.”


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Launching on Growth Capital Ventures co-investment platform in December 2020, this SEIS investment opportunity is anticipated to attract many investors looking to take advantage of the generous tax breaks offered by the Government backed SEIS scheme (up to 64% tax relief).

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Targeting a 13.78x money on money return (capital at risk and returns not guaranteed), Investors are encouraged to register their interest for this upcoming investment opportunity to secure their participation in this fund raise.



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