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Business Finance Market
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EIS Eligible Investment Opportunity
A data-rich fintech platform stimulating the market for SME lending by allowing SMEs to experience quicker finance decisions.

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SMEs are gradually being excluded from mainstream banking and facing an estimated £22 billion funding gap

In 1988, 40% of all bank lending went to SMEs. Today, the 5.9m UK SMEs receive closer to 4%.

Banks have continued to shed front line staff and more than 50% of deal origination is now undertaken by the country's 2,000 commercial finance brokers.

With the expectations of SMEs increasing - they want more focused lending products, faster credit decisions and improved funding chances - Business Finance Market (trading as Finance Nation) has re-engineered the front-end customer journey and developed a platform to provide better access to funding for the nation's SMEs.

The Team

Executive team with a proven track record

The Business Finance Market (t/a Finance Nation) team consists of a group of senior banking specialists and SME business experts who have decades of experience working across many of the UK’s leading financial, technology and professional service brands.

Craig Iley Chief Executive Officer
Steven Brown Chief Distribution Officer
Ken Herd Chief Compliance Officer
Alison Alden Chief Financial Officer
Stephen Pratt Chief Product & Technology Officer
Jude Browne Chief Marketing Officer
Matthew Knight Chief Programme Officer
Paul Durkan Tech Advisory

"We will champion a platform to boost access to finance for small businesses."

Bank of England response to the Van Steenis review on the Future of Finance, July 2019.


Key Investment Highlights

A snapshot of the key investment highlights associated with this EIS-eligible investment opportunity.

management team

Knowledgeable, ambitious and well-rounded management team. Highly experienced, qualified and respected in their fields.

Large market opportunity

There are 5.9m SMEs in the UK facing an estimated £22bn funding gap due to outdated and inefficient processes and customer journeys.

Established partnerships

Strong partnership engagement from major lenders, and Answer Digital and National Innovation Centre for Data (NICD) in place as technology partners.

Unique Technology
& IP

BFM utilises leading edge, cloud-based technology allowing it to re-engineer the customer lending journey, providing better customer outcomes and allowing for more effective use of a structured data lake.

Revenue Streams

The BFM platform has five individual revenue streams. Only two have been modelled to date, providing significant upside potential.

EIS tax
reliefs available

Advanced assurance received. Investors have ability to access the generous tax reliefs available under the EIS, depending on individual tax circumstances.

Traction To Date

The Business Finance Market (trading as Finance Nation) team have made strong progress since their inception in January 2021


After onboarding the experienced executive team, Business Finance Market (trading as Finance Nation) raised £225,000 in an overfunded seed round in June 2021. This was followed by an active £800,000 super seed round that launched in September 2021.

FCA Application
The team submitted their application to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to become a regulated credit broker, completing their regulatory business plan in the process. This was successfully received, and is a key barrier to market entry for competitors.

Lender Panel Commenced
Work on the first phase of the lending panel commenced and resulted in acceptance onto the panel of over 50 major UK finance lenders, allowing BFM to begin generating income and placing deals.

A quote relating to SME finance from Mark Carney in 2019, then Governor of the Bank of England





Round 1

Seed Investment



Round 2

Super Seed Investment



Platform MVP Launching
Working closely with strategic partner and experienced technology team Answer Digital, the MVP of the platform is set to launch from Q2 2022.

Introducing The Finance Nation Brand
In line with the launch of the MVP platform, Business Finance Market are introducing their go-to-market brand, Finance Nation.

Driving Business Growth
The company's third round of investment launched in May 2022, with the funds to be utilised to build on the company's traction to date and further drive business growth.





Round 3

Tranche 1 closed (£250,000) - July 2022

Tranche 2 open (overfunding allocation)

Open For Investment

Business Finance Market
(trading as Finance Nation)

EIS Eligible Investment Opportunity
To discover the full details of Business Finance Market's (trading as Finance Nation) current investment opportunity, download the Investment Memorandum today.

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