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How To Create A Killer Equity Crowdfunding Pitch - Step 2: Using Social Media

The second in a ten-part series which addresses the steps you need to take in order to create an eye-catching equity crowdfunding campaign on GrowthFunders.

You can find out more about the coming posts at the end of this one.


What can social media do for me?

Aside from keeping track of what your friend had for breakfast, or that guy-you-used-to-go-to-school-with’s latest hangover, social media can be used as a very powerful online marketing tool. When used correctly.

So, what is social media?

Social media is online interaction, via Internet-based applications. (Check out Users of the world, unite! The challenges and opportunities of Social Media written by Andreas M. Kaplan and Michael Haenlein.)

The term “social media” covers a number of platform types, but here are a few couple of examples and how you can utilise them:


1) Blog 

Start a blog. This is a longer form of communication which can outline your achievements, tasks, any problems you’ve encountered. Keep your new-found audience up-to-date with your progress. Ignite their interest. Get them talking. Spread those grass roots.


2) Microblog eg. twitter 

These are snapshot messages, similar to the blogging format. Use them to engage easily with your audience and respond quickly to their queries.


3) Social network eg. facebook, LinkedIn 

This allows you to interact with a large number of people at the same time. It also offers them the opportunity to get in touch with you and to start public discussions on features such as “walls”.


4) Inspire eg. Instagram, Pinterest

Sites like these are great to use to document inspiration, whether it’s something that inspired you in your business endeavour, or something you hope to pass on and ignite a spark in your audience.

Keep all messages and interactions on brand and consider things like style, tone of voice, and relevance. Be light, friendly, and informative.

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How can it help me?

There are lots of ways in which social media can help you:


Marketing tool

As a new business, be it start up or early stage, you’re likely to have little-to-no spare money, especially for marketing. Social media, implemented in the right way, can act as free marketing for you.

By updating frequently, with relevant information, you can start to build awareness of your brand and establish a strong (potential) customer base by recruiting followers.


Introduce your business.

Use social media to explain what your business does, why they need it, and how people won’t be able to believe that they ever managed without it.

The followers you build here may become investors, or they may know someone. Word-of-mouth online can lead to the same offline, which could prove useful.


But don’t wait until your fundraising campaign starts.

Social media is something you should be thinking about now, or six months in the past. Open up accounts, find your brand voice, and engage with the relevant community. At this early stage, you can use social media to carry out R&D (research and development).


Are there any “don’ts”?

Yes. As with anything, there are a couple, but the main one is:

  • Don’t spam your followers. The power at your fingertips has to be used responsibly. You’re looking      to engage, not annoy! Update consistently - not constantly.

Social media can be invaluable so make sure that you use it wisely. 


GrowthFunders: getting you started

If you’re looking to raise growth capital for your business, you’ll no doubt already know how difficult it can be.

Spending time away from your business, travelling up and down the country to meet face-to-face with potential investors, can often be time-consuming and ultimately fruitless.

Finding the right platform from which to pitch to many investors, all at once, is a great solution.

GrowthFunders, the online equity-crowdfunding and co-investment platform, is the right one. Now, what do you need in order to make your pitch the best it can be? 

  1. Idea
  2. Using Social Media

  3. Your Team

  4. The Lean Start-up Method

  5. Your Revenue Plan

  6. Your Financials

  7. Your Investor presentation

  8. Your Business plan

  9. Making A Video

  10. Setting A Valuation

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