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Crowdfunding set to explode in 2013

SMEs have a huge part to play in economic recovery

Crowdfunding is set to explode in 2013

At the start of 2012 there were an estimated 4.8 million businesses in the UK.  Within this population, 99.2% (almost all) were small businesses.  No wonder then that they are viewed as being the ‘lifeblood’ of our economy and the key to socio-economic recovery.

This business population is also proving to be highly adaptive and innovative when it comes to entrepreneurial finance and many are embracing the new opportunities created by online platforms and social media in relation to business funding. 

This, coupled with a socially motivated, social media savvy public is creating what can only be described as a ‘boom’ in the crowdfunding community.

Whether you are a service provider, social entrepreneur, angel investor, venture capitalist, or one of the millions of people ready to become a small-scale start-up financier, a new dawn approaches.

Activities set to increase significantly...

With estimates for annual crowdfunding transactions reaching levels in excess of £300 billion for 2013, on the back of £1billion and £2 billion for 2011 and 2012 respectively, GrowthFunders co-founder Craig Peterson commented that ‘Crowdfunding will completely change the landscape for start-up and growth financing and the importance that SMEs will play in this cannot be underestimated. 

Ironically, still only two thirds of businesses are actually aware of crowdfunding, how it works and what it can do.  It’s time to spread the word and we’re the people to do it.  Support so far, from far and wide, has been absolutely tremendous’.

He went on to add, ‘Not having sufficient funds in place is a key factor in business failure rates and crowdfunding can make a significant contribution to enhanced survival or growth potential’.

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GrowthFunders is an online crowdfunding platform that makes investing in start-ups and growth businesses simple and rewarding.  GrowthFunders is a business growth fund and crowdfunding specialist platform, who fill the void created for alternative business funding solutions resulting from banks' unwillingness to provide business growth funding.

GrowthFunders, via its online platform, introduces investors and entrepreneurs to create mutually beneficial, tax efficient opportunities.

The process enables an investor to spread or limit risk, with added tax benefits, whilst entrepreneurs access business growth funding with enhanced benefits such as increased sales and marketing opportunities, expert mentoring and 'the power of the crowd'.


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