Hive's potential for growth and impact through employee engagement

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Employee engagement startup, Hive have the potential to offer more than financial return alone. Whilst their impact potential might not be immediately obvious, the business is also focused on delivering positive changes in such areas as "underserved areas", “health and well-being”, and “skills and employment”.

We are delighted to be working with a tech startup who understands the importance of both growth and impact potential within an investment opportunity.

Let's look at how Hive could deliver positive impact to the employee engagement market:

Underserved areas

Hive are also keen to emulate the success of Visualsoft, their incubator company, in terms of job creation in an underserved area of the UK. Visualsoft has successfully grown from a startup to one of the largest private employers in Stockton-on-Tees, creating 200+ jobs along the way.

The company is now expanding into other areas with offices in Stockton, Newcastle, Manchester, and London and plans to move into Edinburgh, Leeds, and Birmingham.

Visualsoft understands the importance of creating a pleasant, fun, and smooth workplace environment in order to attract and retain top talent. In fact, they recently introduced a staff benefit package which includes unlimited paid holidays and flexible hours. You can find out more here.

Health and well-being

Through weekly micro-surveys, Hive enables employers to measure the engagement, motivation, productivity, and overall happiness of their workforce. By analysing the results collected in these micro-surveys, HR managers and business owners can address any problems, suggestions, and queries highlighted quickly in order to maintain a pleasant working environment. Employee engagement analysis is a rapidly growing market and one Hive is well-equipped to take over.

Skills and employment

Hive is also focussed on professional development and furthering the skills of workers. Through the weekly feedback, employees can highlight areas in which they believe they, the team, or the entire company would benefit from training.

Hive's equity crowdfunding campaign is now closed. You can still use their pitch page to stay up-to-date with progress.

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