Why corporate finance teams use equity crowdfunding

social-roiIt is our view that corporate finance teams and equity crowdfunding are great partners

It's not just for the early stage and growth business phases but also established companies looking to raise capital for expansion.  

We've developed this view by talking to teams of accountants, business advisors and Accelerator Programe providers (SearchCamp), to hear from a wide cross section of professionals who service the sector in order to test our thesis.

By talking, I mean gathering feedback from potential customers about their needs and wants, what's their pain and how can GrowthFunders provide a solution?....that's a win for both parties!   With this feedback and test approach, we ensure that we develop the right solution for them...think Lean StartupBy understanding our customers needs we can develop an offer that helps them.   So it comes as no suprise that when we outline the offer to our target audiance, they immediately understand the benefits. 

Let's set out the key benefits;

  • new source of fee income
  • access to a wider base of angel investors to close deals
  • lead generation and deal flow

Sounds great! So how does it work and more importantly, what's the offer? We have three key clients:

Working with professional partners will form a key channel for GrowthFunders as we develop deal flow, we are building the network of professional partners to support the entrepreneurs who are using the GrowthFunders equity crowdfunding platform.   This support is not only at the stage of raising business finance but also along the journey of growth and the potential sale of the business.   So as you can see, professional partners are an important client for us.

We've developed an offer which gives the professional partner;

  • engage with a wider market - Marketing on the GrowthFunders platform
  • amplify - referrals and leads for increased deal flow
  • leverage ROI

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