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An Introduction To Intelligence Fusion


Intelligence Fusion (IF) is a startup technology business operating in the security and risk management sector and specialising in situational awareness. The co-founders, Michael McCabe and Daniel Harrington, have deep sector knowledge and experience in both the public and private sectors. Beginning their careers in the British Armed Forces, they both specialised in the protection of people and assets in the UK and high risk countries.

Aiming to become the foremost situational awareness provider globally, IF provides the information businesses require in order to protect their people and their assets.

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What is situational awareness and how does IF provide it?

Situational awareness - or situation awareness (SA) - is a process of risk assessment that, when implemented correctly, ensures the safety of individuals and/or business operations. It requires continual review to respond to changes in circumstances that can materialise quickly.

The process involves a perception of the risk posed by elements of the environment, informed by data provided either by internal or external sources. Interpreting this data requires comprehension (driven by knowledge and experience) to determine whether or not risk needs to be reevaluated. Knowledge and experience are subsequently required to develop a projection of how events may evolve, based on data currently available.

Vast in its scope, SA focuses on understanding the elements of the environment that are critical to decision-makers in complex scenarios. Including dynamic operational activities, such as aviation, air traffic control, ship navigation, power plant operations, military command and control, as well as emergency services such as firefighting and policing, the principles of SA also extend to more ordinary - but nevertheless complex - tasks such as driving a motor vehicle or riding a bicycle.

Intelligence Fusion fills a gap in the market for a technology led solution that provides market leading SA. Supporting security companies and global businesses alike, Intelligence Fusion helps manage risk and security by assembling, aggregating, and analysing relevant and quality intelligence before disseminating this in an accessible, visually engaging way.


Intelligence Fusion, security risk management and threat intelligence

Risk management is the identification, assessment and prioritisation of risks, followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimise, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of unforeseen events. Security risk management is the specific culture, processes and structures that are directed towards maximising the benefits of security in support of business objectives.

Adopting a risk-based approach allows agencies to prioritise activities based on the likelihood and consequence of a risk being realised, to maximise business outcomes while minimising the occurrence or effects of events that may negatively affect outcomes.

Through the use of Intelligence Fusion, group collation of incidents by a large network of people is enabled, allowing for the collation of information regarding countries that businesses need to understand in order to mitigate risk and protect people and assets.

Presenting intelligence using a global mapping system and forums, subscribers are able to immediately drill down to the detail required to analyse events and trends that directly support their security risk management needs.

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Similarly, Intelligence Fusion uses threat intelligence to help organisations filter and classify the wealth of data that is available. Enabling advisers to discern authentic and specific threats from more general threats, IF also helps organisations monitor threat trends and prepare preemptive responses to attempted security breaches.

Who does Intelligence Fusion support?

The Intelligence Fusion platform is of direct use to any companies with security advisers who have a requirement to understand and be aware of threat intelligence that could impact on their organisation. The company already operates across multiple sectors, including land security, maritime security, travel security and business intelligence, with the scope vast - ranging from banks through to airlines.

Helping individuals and security advisers identify threats and make informed decisions over how to respond to them, such threats can be physical or virtual - physical threats are traditionally associated with insecure territories, while virtual threats that can compromise companies’ operational security (such as cybercrime) can be initiated from any global location.

What's more, with the information available able to inform an organisation's corporate approach to operating in different territories based on the level of risk associated, such information is highly valued by senior executives.

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About the raise

Intelligence Fusion issued an Investment Memorandum in May 2017 to raise up to £400,000 of growth capital in return for an equity stake of 33%. This is the second raise undertaken by Intelligence Fusion, having previously raised £22,500 in 2015 and since successfully executing their planned business development.

An in-depth and intricate product, Intelligence Fusion's CEO Michael McCabe summarises it perfectly on the highest level - "we provide the information businesses need to understand in order to protect their people and assets in a highly complex world."

Intelligence Fusion is now live on the GrowthFunders platform, available for investment of £400,000 in exchange for 33% equity, with a minimum investment of just £100. Click here to view the investment offer. Please note your capital is at risk and the value of your investment can go down or up.


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