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watch on-demand | an insight into Chic Retreats' growth strategy

This afternoon we hosted our second webinar with Chic Retreats' CEO Amir Azulay. Building on the first webinar we hosted with Amir that offered an introduction to the company and their current EIS-eligible investment opportunity, today we looked more in-depth at the company's growth strategy.

Watch now: an insight into Chic Retreats' growth strategy

Looking specifically at how Chic Retreats plan to grow and scale further to their current investment round, the session was particularly insightful and beneficial to potential investors, and you can view the recorded version of the webinar on-demand here.

What did we cover in the webinar?

The entire focus of the 30 minute session was to see what the plans are for the future of Chic Retreats direct from Amir himself. If you joined us for the first webinar, or have since watched on-demand, you'll know how passionate and knowledgeable Amir is about the industry, and hearing the future plans direct from Amir himself is particularly compelling.

Amir also touched on a very interesting related topic in the webinar, which was what actually makes Chic Retreats unique. We explored this in a blog post recently, and Amir elaborated on six key points - the Chic Retreats collection, storytelling, curation, distribution, experiences and insights.

What's more, with time set aside for a live Q&A, attendees were able to ask specific questions as part of their own due diligence, and a number of key points were raised.

The Chic Retreats EIS-eligible investment opportunity

Currently live on the GrowthFunders platform, Chic Retreats are raising £1,000,000 in exchange for 20% equity.

Investments are able to be made from as little as £100, and whilst investments into companies at this level are considered a higher risk/higher return strategy, the tax reliefs available under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) - of which Chic Retreats are eligible - are provided to directly mitigate such risk.

You can view the full investment pitch, or invest, by clicking here, and download the investment memorandum document here.

Watch on-demand: 'an insight into Chic Retreats' growth strategy' webinar

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