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If only 30% of your organisation’s computers were working properly, whilst 60% were unreliable, and the remaining 10% did nothing at all, chances are that action would be taken to quickly rectify the situation.

However, what if it wasn’t clear which computers weren't operating as expected? Even worse, what if there was no way of finding out why they weren’t working properly? It's not likely that you would be able to throw out every machine and buy all new in order to start over. So, what could be done?

Perhaps a piece of software could be installed which immediately highlighted the issues and problems 70% of your business' computers were experiencing. Problem solved - you can now work to ensure the same issues don't arise again.

Now, instead of computers, imagine this scenario in the context of employees.


Leading North East-based software company, Visualsoft have developed a piece of software which has been designed to increase productivity and improve employee engagement. Hive, a cloud-based software-as-a-service proposition, will be the first product to be launched from Visualsoft’s Innovation Lab – an incubator division which utilises Visualsoft’s talent, ideas, and transferable knowledge to ideate, launch, and grow new SaaS businesses.


The Team

  • John Ryder - Head of Innovation at Visualsoft and Founder of Hive
  • Dean Benson – CEO of Visualsoft
  • Four highly-qualified and experienced marketing, sales and technology experts.

The Problem

Unfortunately, poor employee engagement levels negatively impact organisations and businesses of all sizes throughout the UK.

Why is employee engagement (EE) so important?

  • A growing body of evidence suggests EE translates into sustainable financial growth
  • Known to positively impact customer satisfaction
  • Drives innovation
  • Reduces sickness and absenteeism
  • Helps to retain employees

More information on each of the above points can be found on Hive’s pitch page.

At the moment, the methods used to measure, understand, and improve employee engagement levels are problematic, which is further exacerbating the situation.

The Solution

Hive is a new tech startup which enables business owners to gauge and gather employee engagement levels. The cloud-based software sends out a micro-survey to every employee, once a week. The questions have been designed to draw measurable insight across a range of categories synonymous with engagement. Employees are invited to complete the survey and anonymously submit their answers. As well as the multiple choice questions, employees will also be given the opportunity to provide feedback on any other points they feel necessary.

There is also a section on the form where employees can acknowledge, recognise, and celebrate their colleagues’ positive behaviour and performance which is a great way to raise productivity in the workplace.

Business owners, managers, and HR personnel are then able to access the weekly information gathered by the micro-surveys via a reporting suite. Analysing this information means that business owners, managers, and HR personnel can quantify engagement, take effective action where necessary, and measure progress over time.


Hive's explainer video





  • Commitment from the Endeavour Partnership (law firm) to use Hive when launched.
  • Confirmed agreement from a high street bank to pilot Hive when launched.
  • RFP from DPD (GeoPost)
  • Positive, later-stage discussions with Stockton Borough Council and North East Ambulance Service NHS Trust.
  • We have already agreed with Barclay’s that they will pilot Hive within their Corporate Finance division based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Working with the team in Newcastle, we hope to role Hive out nationally within Barclays in 2016. We are already in positive discussions with: > SaleCycle (early discussions) > Pentland (early discussions) > Tombola (early discussions) > George F White (early discussions) > GEM Partnership (later stage discussions) > Tees Active (later stage discussions) > NECC (later stage discussions) > North East Ambulance Service NHS Trust (later stage discussions) > Stockton Borough Council (negotiation) > DPD (negotiation) > Fusion21 (early discussions) > Endeavour Partnership (agreed) > Spark Retail (agreed) > Barclays (agreed)

This investment opportunity is SEIS compliant, which means that you could earn up to 78% on your investment. To learn more about the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme, download your free guide here.

CTA: To view Hive’s full pitch, watch their video, and download their supporting documentation, just click the button below.


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